8 Random of Acts of Kindness for Soccer Players

Our world can be rough sometimes. And yet we try to keep up tough exteriors, so you never know who may need a lift. This is why carrying out random acts of kindness whenever you can is so important. If you lift up those around you, that kindness may spread, making the world just that much better. Here are some random acts of kindness for soccer players.

1. Congratulate a Soccerista

Did one of your teammates just make a great pass? Let her know. It tells her you see her contributions to the team and value them. Did one of your opponents run more than you thought was humanly possible? Let her know. It tells her you value her work. Kindness can exist whether you’re winning or losing.

2. Look For Teammates Who Need Help

Mr. Rogers said to “look for the helpers.” You can be that helper. If someone goes down on the field, call the ref. Is a teammate nervous before the game? Hold her hand. If the manager needs help getting all the balls together, help them. Be the helper and step into situations rather than ignore them.

3. Share Soccer Joy

You love soccer. Take that love and spread it around. Volunteer to help drill some players on a younger team. You will see in their faces how much they appreciate the time you spent with them. Take a referee class and help referee games. Connecting to younger players will help spread the soccer joy.

4. Keep the Beautiful Game Beautiful

When you’re playing, listen to the little angel on one shoulder and not the little devil on the other. Try to play clean. Don’t get hot-headed in the middle of the game. If someone says something to you, let it roll away. By keeping the game beautiful, you can increase the joy that everyone else gets from it.

5. Leave Your Teammates Notes

These notes can say anything nice. “You are beautiful,” “someone loves you,” “I appreciate your hard work,” “love your enthusiasm,” or “have a grand day.” A nice note to your teammates could change their whole day.

6. Cheer on Another Team

Go to other players’ soccer matches. Watch the game and cheer enthusiastically. This can be a younger players’ game or even a team you sometimes play against. When fans are there for the game, the soccer is always better.

7. Use Your Experience to Stand Up to Bullies

You have learned leadership, teamwork, and fair play. These skills mean you can step up and protect people, even if you are the only one to do so.

8. Love Yourself

Tell yourself you are doing great. Hug yourself. Smile. Sometimes life will be rough, but it’s important to be kind to yourself. Give yourself the appreciation and love that you need. And if you need help, ask for it.

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