What is the top 10 best college in the world

Deciding on the best college in the world is a subjective matter that requires consideration of such things as academic programs, professors, available research opportunities, facilities and general rating. Nonetheless, some institutions consistently find themselves among the top-ranked globally. Below are ten universities often said to be among the best: 1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology … Read more

How do I create a custom block in the WordPress editor?

To create a custom block in the WordPress Gutenberg editor, you’ll need to create a custom plugin or add the code to your theme’s functions.php file. In this example, I’ll guide you through creating a simple custom block that displays a quote with an author’s name. Here are the steps: That’s it! You’ve created a … Read more

How do you prepare for a NodeJS developer interview?

Certainly! Here are ten commonly asked questions and their answers that might come up during interviews or discussions with Node.js developers: These questions and answers should provide a solid foundation for interviewing or discussing Node.js development topics with potential candidates or peers. Remember that the depth of the answers can vary based on the level … Read more