National Doughnut Day, Sarah Gorden and a Feminist Twist

For those of you liking to indulge, today is meant for you! Sit back, and don’t feel bad because even the fittest, most committed athletes in the country share your love of the tasty, fried wheel. In honor of National Doughnut Day, check out doughnut defender and queen Sarah Gorden, who isn’t shy about her indulgence and in fact celebrates her delight with her entire team, The Chicago Red Stars.

AND there’s a bit of a feminist, cinnamon twist to it as well.

Turns out, during World War I, women volunteers with the Salvation Army would fry up and hand out doughnuts as a form of comfort food to American GIs serving overseas. To honor these women’s service and raise funds during the Great Depression, in 1938 the Salvation Army’s Chicago branch declared the first Friday in June to be National Doughnut Day. These “dough girls” or “dough lassies,” as they were called, continued the tradition during World War II.

So on this Happy Friday and #NationalDoughnutDay, know that you are continuing the traditions of strong and fierce women, who fed our nation and helped lift each other up in the process.

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