Which NWSL Team is Your Perfect Fit?

No one team is the same — that applies to the youth, club, college, and even professional level. We’re sure as NWSL fans you know that each team has its own distinct style, attitude, and culture; they’re as unique as the soccer stars that play for them. With the NWSL Challenge Cup currently taking over our TVs (computers, phones, really wherever we can watch), we want to help you find a team that’s your perfect match! After all, with only nine teams for the whole country, some of you Socceristas might not be feeling that innate home town loyalty. No worries though, cause no matter which one you wind up with you can’t lose!

Chicago Red Stars


The Red Stars usually find themselves in the top four of the table. If you’re rather competitive, but can also remain calm and collected throughout the season this is the team for you! Being based in the Windy City is also a defining aspect of this team. If you love the big city energy and playing in a huge stadium with tons of fans, being a Red Star is up your alley!

Orlando Pride


It’s no secret that Orlando Pride has some serious talent (even though they’ve recently struggled in the standings). But what makes this team so special is the sense of community and, you guessed it, a lot of pride. All of the players, fans, and residents of the area support the team’s color purple and always are filling up the seats at Orlando City Stadium. While they ended the season in ninth place last year, the players and fans make it feel as though they’re number one. Unfortunately the Pride is sitting out the 2020 Challenge Cup, but have turned their enthusiasm to supporting the league and other teams!

Utah Royals FC

This is a team that’s still rather new to the scene (founded in 2017). But that just means the still have something to prove and holdnothing back. If you’re a rookie or even getting a start to soccer later on, this is the team for you, because while they might be more fresh-faced than the rest, they surely know how to play soccer and play it well may we add.  

Portland Thorns FC

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The Thorns have been around since 2012 and even won the first ever NWSL championship! If you’ve been around the block for a bit, like the Thorns, and just keep learning and improving your game, this is your team! It’s not always easy to keep a good streak whenever you start off with such a bang, but Portland has it down and continues to recruit players who add value and something special to add.

OL Reign

Seattle Reign was one of the original teams of the NWSL and ranked pretty well throughout the years. However, they were acquired by the famous OL Group in late 2019 and have undergone a rebranding and revitalization effort (enter the new OL Reign). While we expect this to be a change for the better, we expect the team to take some time to really gel and adjust to all the changes. If you’re still experiencing some growing pains in your career or are still trying to settle into your team, you can probably relate to the new OL Reign! 

Washington Spirit

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As the name gives way to, Washington Spirit is full of life. Along with boasting a professional team, they also have an amateur and youth team under the same name. So, if you’re a person who is always looking to bring soccer into the lives of everyone around you, or even just share your own passions through it, Spirit is calling your name!

Houston Dash

To get real and to the point, the name Dash was coined after the speed of a horse that was used as transportation back in the day, SO if you’re someone who is the speed demon of the group, then this could be the team for you. And the location being in Houston ensures warm weather all year long, so if you’re looking to leave opponents in the dust AND produce a great tan, we’ve found the team for you.

Sky Blue FC

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Sky Blue is nestled in New Jersey (so perfect for you if you want to be close to a bustling metropolis, but far enough to enjoy the game). Plus, this club has recently acquired a great mix of veterans and up-and-coming young players. So really it works whether you’re the wise and weathered player or newbie looking for a mentor. Despite some culture issues, this team is turning things around and looking to get on the right track. So if you’re not one to let some bumps in the road get you down, Sky Blue just might be your fit. 

North Carolina Courage

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The team actually got its name from the original Carolina Courage that won the 2002 Women’s United Soccer Association. If you’re a Soccerista (like us) who want to pay homage to those who made it to where we can play freely today, then this is your team! In addition to the name, the lioness image matches the one on the original team’s badge as well! Not to mention Courage is nestled in the beautiful scenery of North Carolina that’s perfect for those who love enjoying a killer view and some amazing hikes!