Actually Unique Gifts for Your Soccer Coach

With the holidays swiftly approaching, you may be wondering what you can give your coach this year to show your appreciation for all their hard work and support. You could get them another Starbucks gift card, or water bottle, or t-shirt. Or, you could get them something unique and memorable. Your coach dedicates time and effort in supporting your team’s success and helping you become a better player, these gifts will show them their dedication does not go unnoticed.

A Signed Photo From Your Team

If you can secure signatures from your teammates on this photo frame, it’s a great gift for you to give your coach as a team. Whenever your coach looks back on the photo, they’ll remember the team and what made you guys special. 

soccer coach gift

A Personalized Clipboard

Is your coach using a generic clipboard from the local sporting goods store to break down your lineup and plans for games? A personalized clipboard will add a nice touch to their pregame talks.

soccer coach gift

A USWNT Puzzle

Folks spent a lot more time at home this year, and the pandemic is still limiting outdoor activity. This puzzle will give your coach something to pass the time at home. 

A Personalized Bobblehead

A personalized bobblehead is one of the pricier items on this list, but it sure is a fun one. A soccer-playing bobblehead that looks just like your coach is sure to be a hit.

Penny Soccer Game

With in-person practices and games much more limited this year, your coach might have a soccer-shaped hole in their life. This tabletop mini-soccer game might just scratch that itch.

soccer coach gift

A Blueprint Of Their Favorite Team’s Stadium

A classy piece of wall art will let your coach show off their favorite team without sacrificing aesthetic. A blueprint of their favorite team’s stadium will look good on just about any wall. 

soccer coach gift

A Personalized Christmas Ornament

If you’re looking for a more festive gift, you can’t go wrong with a soccer ornament. Personalized Christmas ornaments are the perfect way to look back on memories from years past. 

soccer coach gift

A Set Of New Pinnies

This might not be the most fun or unexpected gift for your coach, but it will certainly get a laugh. Let’s face it. No matter how many times your coach says the pinnies have been washed, they still stink. 

soccer coach gift

A Face Mask made especially for athletes

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed our everyday lives. One part of that is widespread mask protocols. Some athletic brands have taken it upon themselves to craft masks specifically for athletes, and they make for a perfect timely gift for your coach.

Your coach will appreciate whatever gift you decide on, but if you need a little bit of help finding just the right thing, you can’t go wrong with any of the ideas here. Happy shopping!

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