Advice for Club Soccer Tryouts from Our Favorite Youth Soccer Players

There’s few things more nerve-wracking for young Socceristas than trying out for a new club – especially if it’s one of the top youth soccer clubs in the U.S. We’ve all been there, sitting in anticipation on the drive there, visualizing how you’ll play, and imagining what your potential new teammates are like. Everyone has bad games or practice sessions, but if things don’t go your way at tryouts, there’s a chance you don’t make the team. The pressure to show up is a lot for a young player to bear. 

So, other than play your heart out, what can you do to prove yourself at club soccer tryouts? We asked some of our favorite youth soccer players for their advice. While your parents, trainers, or coaches undoubtedly have solid advice for you, it’s helpful to hear from peers who’ve been in your position before.

Ryah from @ryahtb

Ryah’s strength and skill are truly admirable. One look at her Instagram and it’s clearly evident how hard she works. Her advice for club tryouts is further evidence of her dedication to the game: 

“Football has to be the be all and end all in your life, everything else comes second and you will have to make sacrifices.” 

Ryah also believes that “everyday is another opportunity to train!” What it comes down to, according to Ryah, is how much do you want it?

Haley from @MySoccerFutsalLife

Haley, who plays for a Portland Thorns youth team, shares training and skill videos that are easy for players to try at home – she also has some pretty top class juggling skills. When we asked her what advice to give to young players trying out for new club teams, this is what she said: 

“Always put 100% into the things you can control. For example, you can control your effort, hustle, attitude, leadership, preparation, [coachability], etc.”

She also noted the importance of having fun and making friends. 

Jayla from

Jayla is one of the most skillful young soccer players on Instagram. Her advice for club tryouts? Try your best not to be too nervous and be confident in your skills, “outwork everyone and have a good attitude.” 

Alex from @a_isfor_alexsoccer

Alex shares at home drills that anyone can do with a ball and a couple of cones. She shared some great advice for how to show your strengths at club tryouts: 

“Be confident. Trust the work you have put into developing your game. Do not be afraid to be good. Be prepared to exhibit a high work rate, both on and off the ball. Defend and defend well.”

Like others, she expressed the importance of having fun and cherishing the moment. 

Emerson from

One look at Emerson’s Instagram account and it’s clear how much she loves and enjoys soccer. Her advice for club tryouts demonstrates how passionate she is about the sport: 

“Fight for your position. If you get stuck in the wrong position, be vocal about switching to your best position. You want to have your best possible showing for coaches.”

Emerson also noted how important it is to not “dwell on mistakes” and have fun.

Jordan from @jordanhanyecz

Jordan’s indoor skills videos are inspirations for all young soccer players. They prove that there’s no excuses for not getting some touches in every day, even when you can’t get outside. Her tryout advice is a great reminder for players whose competitive nature can sometimes get the best of them: 

“Don’t stress out and compare yourself to others when you see somebody doing something exceptional because everybody has different strengths and coaches recognize that!” 

Jordan also stresses the importance of getting to know the other players around you, you never know when your paths might cross again! 

Ava from @avagoodin44

The videos Ava shares on Instagram are both fun and helpful, while also showing off her enviable skills on the ball. Her advice for club tryouts is all about being prepared: 

“Tackle your weaknesses so you have no reason to doubt your ability. Play so hard that it would make the coach look bad to NOT have you on the team [or] field!” 

Savannah from @beautiful_game_08

Savannah’s skills speak for themselves on her Instagram and her club tryout advice is the perfect summation of what some of our other favorite youth soccer players said: 

“Calm down, be true to yourself, and be confident!” 

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