Amanda Ferranti Helps Youth Players with Mental Training

So often, developing the competencies to become an elite soccer player seem pretty straight forward. Need to work on your left foot shot? Get a bag of balls and start practicing your strike form against a surface. Want to get faster? Incorporate plyometrics and sprints into your training. No matter if its 1v1 defending, goalkeeping, or playing with your back to goal, your coach (or YouTube) likely has some approach to help master your technique and hit the mark for which you’re striving.

But what do you do when one of the most, perhaps the most, important skill to possess as a top player doesn’t require cones or a ball? How do you “practice” mental toughness and emotional management as a competitor?

Amanda Ferranti has a few tricks up her sleeve. A Certified Mental Performance Consultant, licensed soccer coach, and former pro player, Ferranti established Ferranti Empowerment to help athletes hone an important, often-neglected part of the game — their head. Based in Long Island, Ferranti Empowerment has designed creative and systematic mental training strategies, rooted in sports psychology, to improve players’ performance consistency and overall enjoyment of the game.

At the core of the company is the understanding that the importance of our head on the field goes beyond the ability to win aerial battles. Every practice, every game you play involves dozens of moments that require managing an emotional response. These moments ask, “How will you overcome and get better from this?” “How can you be a winner right here?” Stepping up to take a PK, recovering from having the ball stolen, winning/losing game games, being on the bench. Ferranti Empowerment’s trainings are designed to help you tackle these mental moments and more.

Ferranti Empowerment also recognizes that tapping into the psychological and emotional in athletes is not straightforward. A one-size-fits-all model to teaching mental skills is not = effective. There are all kinds of factors — from personal to environmental — that make each soccer player different from the next.

To address that significant fact, Ferranti Empowerment offers a few different services. They include online and in-person consulting, group workshops, and our personal favorite, integrated soccer training. The integrated soccer training is one of the most unique features at Ferranti Empowerment. It’s a comprehensive on-field program that aims to enhance the quality and efficiency of a player’s decision-making. Ferranti’s nuanced, dynamic approach to sports psychology helps to identify a a service that is best for you, your team, or your organization’s specific goals.

So, here’s the truth. Right now, it’s likely that knowledge of your thoughts and emotions — or really, lack thereof — is stopping you from reaching your potential as a soccer player. You’re not doomed just because you can’t tangibly see what needs to be “fixed.” Just like ball skills, your brain’s responses can be tweaked and new, healthier patterns can be put in place. And Ferranti Empowerment can show you the way.

Improving your game can start with the click of a button, while sitting down, without **gasp** even breaking a sweat. To learn more, visit You should also check out her new book with coach Sean McMannis, Own Who You Are.



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