An Ode To Socceristas’ Sweatpants

If there’s one thing every Soccerista knows beyond the shadow of a doubt, it’s the vital role soccer sweats play in the wardrobe. 

Where would we be without our most reliable pair of soccer sweats? Uncomfortable and cold, that’s where! We are lucky to be living in a time that has made sweatpants not just loungewear, but actual fashion. Now, you can confidently strut your stuff down the streets or in the halls at school, supported by your favorite sweats. What used to be a mark of laziness now makes the statement, “I’m an athlete who also happens to like to be comfortable.” 

The versatility of this simple article of clothing is nothing short of miraculous. They can take you from the couch to the field, and straight to the post-game dinner table for team bonding. Every Soccerista has that one pair of sweats that’s gotten her through the toughest practice, the longest weekend tournament, or the most grueling of winter weather conditioning, and were still there to keep her hamstrings warm while catching up on her favorite Netflix series. 

Soccer sweats are more than just a pair of comfy pants, they’re a lifestyle. We didn’t choose the sweatpants life, the sweatpants life chose us — as Socceristas who need a faithful outfit that lets us play as hard as we work. Sweatpants are a soccer player’s best friend and will always be there to support us after a crushing loss or celebrate with us after a hard-fought win. 

Saying goodbye to a classic pair of sweats is a loss only a Soccerista can truly feel. After everything you’ve gone through together when the time comes to lay them to rest — whether it be because the thighs finally gave out or one stain too many have collected on that well-worn material — respects must be paid. And while that pair of replacement pants may feel wrong, and like you’re betraying your dearly departed soccer sweats, that loving feeling will surely return once again and new memories will be made. 

Sweet, sweet, sweatpants, without you we would be doomed to a life of cold legs and extremely limited pocket space.

Featured Image via Getty Brad Smith/ISI Photos/Contributor



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