Balancing College Soccer and Academics: 3 Strategies

Soccer. Soccer. Soccer.  All day.  Every day.  When you’re a Soccerista, it can easily be all you think and care about on a daily basis.  One of the keys to being successful on the field, though, is being successful in the classroom. Luckily, there are some simple study tips for soccer players that will make sure you don’t fall behind.

Academics might not be your favorite part of the day,  but the more disciplined you are overall, the more it will show on the field.  Who wants to be gearing up for the biggest game of the season with a mind clouded with worry about a paper due the next day?  All because you waited until the last minute.  Or, even worse, not being able to play at all because your grades aren’t where they should be.  

Being a student-athlete comes with a lot of glory.  However, it also comes with responsibility.  This responsibility can often be overlooked as you focus on game day, instead of test day. 

Staying ahead academically doesn’t have to be difficult.  Here are three strategies that are key to balancing soccer and academics:

  1. Eliminate distractions. Outside influences – friends, Facebook, relationship matters, and even family, can become a distraction.  They may want you to socialize or pull you into drama.  Don’t give in.  If you become distracted by your social life and he-said/she-said interactions with friends, your focus will suffer.  And when that happens, it takes away from your performance on the field and in the classroom.  In short, mind your own business!
  2. Create a list of priorities. Don’t wait until the last minute to get that paper done or study.  When you’re feeling overwhelmed with practice, games, papers, and exams, creating a prioritized list can help you feel more organized.  It will also give you a visual to-do list so you can take action on what needs to be done and check off those tasks. 
  3. Create flash cards for exams.  Make it easy to study while you’re on the bus ride to a game, waiting in the locker room for practice to start, or grabbing a meal as a team. Being a Soccerista is exhausting.  Flash cards make it more convenient to study when you’re on the go.  You can also study while laying down, which is a major bonus!  Your body gets to rest while you stay on task for school.

The more chances you give yourself to succeed in the classroom, the more you will succeed on the field.  If you quiet the noise around you,  you can quiet the noise in your head too.  We’ve all had “off” games as a result of something going on outside of our soccer life.  Try these three study tips for soccer players, they may help you find balance and better position you for success both on and off the field.  Stay focused.  Stay committed.  And remember… there’s no soccer without academics.

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