Top 5 Goals: SheBelieves Cup, FA WSL and W-League

Watching the steady and consistent growth of women’s soccer is a wonderful experience. As each week passes, another page of a league’s history is permanently cemented in time. As that history is built, traditions and other magical moments occur along the way. Here’s a small piece of those moments. Let’s take a look at the best women’s soccer goals of the week from the SheBelieves Cup, FA WSL, and W-League.

  1. Kristie Mewis – USWNT

While 2020 was considered the year of Kristie Mewis, 2021 is looking like it could be as well. Casey Krueger (formerly Short) set up Mewis nicely, and the Houston Dash striker did the rest. One touch to separate from the defender and then a calm finish from Mewis swept the ball into the far corner. Let’s just say Mewis isn’t making Vlako Andonovski’s choice for the Olympics any easier. 

  1. Gema Simon – Newcastle Jets

Newcastle’s captain came through for them in a big way to equalize against Adelaide United. Gema Simon put a nice move on two defenders with a dip of her shoulder and then simply went for glory. Her attempt looks more like a shot than a cross because the ball is already in the net before any other Newcastle players can even get near it. Cheeky finish from a player who doesn’t score all too often. 

  1. Gemma Davison – Tottenham Hotspur

Gemma Davison is a long-time veteran of the sport who has even played in America. Now, she plies her trade with Tottenham, a team on the rise. Davison set up the move herself with a brilliant run. No one from Everton stepped up to defend. After the defender stopped her initial pass, the ball came right back to her. Davison then stuck the ball perfectly in stride on the half-volley into the far corner. A thing of beauty.

  1. Chelsie Dawber – Adelaide United

Chelsie Dawber is having a great season alongside the entire Adelaide United outfit. This move sums up their season so far. A perfect bit of build-up play on the left side of the field before the ball made it to Dawber towards the right. Once it got to Dawber, it was up to her to work some magic one-on-one, and that’s exactly what she did. The defender expected her to go to her right and put in a cross. Instead, Dawber feints and goes left, giving her a small window to shoot. Her left-footed shot had to be perfect, and it was. The keeper got her fingertips to it but not enough to keep it out.

  1. Katie McCabe – Arsenal

There was simply no messing about when it comes to this goal from Katie McCabe. It is nothing fancy or flashy, just one touch before picking her head up to see where the goal is. Then it’s all about the execution. This is where McCabe’s stellar technique comes into play. The result is a tracer bullet into the top corner that found the net in record time — a sumptuous strike from McCabe and the week’s top goal for sure. 



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