Top 5 Goals: FA WSL

The W-League and FA WSL were both in action this week as the ends of both league’s seasons approach. However, this week’s list features the five best women’s soccer goals from the FA WSL. Why? Title implications and a relegation battle saw a higher sense of urgency for those WSL sides, which led to some truly high-quality goals. Without further ado, here are the top five goals of the week from England.

  1. Fran Kirby – Chelsea

Chelsea was able to maintain their slender lead atop the table with a great result over Everton. Fran Kirby did what she does best: timing her run behind the defense and sliding her finish past the keeper. This goal is more about the pass from Sam Kerr. With that much pace and precision, the one-touch pass with her back to Kirby is simply sublime. There are so few players in the world who can see that pass – let alone execute it. The Kerr to Kirby connection is as dangerous as ever. 

  1. Gemma Evans – Bristol City

Bristol City’s captain provided a goal when they desperately needed it. The set-piece was whipped into the box, and Davis showed off her strength and desire to win the header and deftly direct it toward the far post. As it looped in the air, the keeper could only stand and watch before it clanged off the post and in. 

  1. Pernille Harder – Chelsea

This was a proper team goal that began with Chelsea’s backline and ended at the other end of the field with Sam Kerr’s cross into the box.  Fran Kirby kept her composure to lay the ball off to Pernille Harder, who was never going to miss from so close. The entire move took 15 seconds total. This is the kind of succinct, direct, and effective team play that should be studied by other teams looking for such synchronicity. 

  1. Katarina Svitkova – West Ham

Czech international Katarina Svitkova has been a welcome addition to the West Ham outfit. The midfielder adds some extra ingenuity and creativity, along with technique. Take a look at how cleanly she strikes this ball with the defender eager to try and block her shot—tremendous technique from Svitkova to keep her knee over the ball and follow through. The ball flew into the net as a result. 

  1. Siri Worm – Tottenham Hotspur

It’s only a matter of time before an even bigger club decides to sign Siri Worm. The Dutch international has made quite a habit of scoring some worldies via free-kicks. This goal can certainly be added to her highlight reel. Based on how she lined up, the keeper might’ve been thinking she would go goal side. Instead, Worm outfoxed the keeper by going the same side as her. By the time the keeper realized what was happening, it was far too late to get a hand to the ball. To be fair, this was a shot even the world’s best keeper would struggle with. It’s truly a wonderful sight to behold. 



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