Does Your Coach Have Emotional Intelligence?

Not all coaches may understand what you are going through. In fact, your coach may not have much emotional intelligence at all. So, what do you do when you need a bit of empathy in your sporting environment?

Coaches love to instruct and give constructive criticism, though they don’t always do so in the best manner. Does your coach understand how to empathize with how you and your teammates are feeling? Each player has their own personality and coping mechanisms. They’re going through different things in their lives. Unfortunately, sometimes coaches may look past player feelings and focus strictly on the game. Everyone has off days and may struggle to maintain a positive mindset, and a coach needs to understand that reacting in the spur of the moment can do more damage than good. 

A coach’s role is to teach the ins and outs of the game, unite a group of different individuals, and make them work together. Most importantly, coaches must ensure their players remain engaged and in love with the sport they play. Coaches must not only focus on the tactical side of the game but also on how to tend to each of their players’ different personalities. Some players will respond to being shouted at in the midst of a game, while others should be instructed in a calmer setting. 

Some players may be shy, some more outgoing, and some may be on different levels of play, but understanding who you are working with is a crucial part of coaching. On the other side of play, it is also important for players to be transparent with their coaches if something is going on. Coaches are talented individuals and do their best to cater to their players’ needs, but they’re not mindreaders. Having an open relationship with your coach is super important. It will only help you and your coach understand how to manage you as a player. 

Next time your coach calls you out for something or yells at you, do not take it personally. Coaches are trying to make you better. It is important as a player to understand they are not doing it to be malicious. Unfortunately, yes, some coaches may not have perfect emotional intelligence, which is something those coaches need to improve on. It can obviously be difficult for coaches to manage 20 plus players. Still, good coaches that want their teams to be successful will ensure each player is being tended to appropriately, and that will reflect on the field.

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