Cold-Weather Soccer Gear for Winter Every Soccerista Needs

Winter is in full swing, but that’s never stopped a Soccerista from hitting the field. Instead of waiting for it to get warmer, suit up with some essential cold-weather soccer gear. 

Over-ear headband

Are you tired of your ears being all red and frostbitten after practice? An over-ear headband is exactly what you need. These headbands keep your hair out of your face, your ears warm, and most of them even have a little ponytail hole. Fleece-lined or knit, they’re both functional and fashionable. 


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If you play in the snow, catching snowflakes in your mouth can get seriously annoying, but that’s what yowies are for. These go by many names and since the Age of Face Masks they’ve become much more common, it’s basically a circle scarf for your face. They’re super versatile and can be used as a headband, a balaklava, or, in this case, protection for the bottom half of your face. It will keep your nose warm and your lips from chapping

Thermal leggings and long sleeves 

Not every team provides a long sleeve option and even fewer offer leggings instead of shorts, but these are both a must-have for the winter weather. We now have technology that frees us from having to bundle up just to take a lap in the snow. Any good athletic brand – but Under Armour specifically – will have a solid long sleeve or legging that’s thin enough to wear under jerseys or shorts without slowing you down. 

Cold gear socks 

No one ever really talks about how much cold toes plague the soccer community. Natural leather cleats get soaked and synthetic ones get just as cold as the air around them, so Socceristas need to invest in an extra layer of protection. Rather than trying to jam your most comfortable fuzzy sock into your boots before practice, grab a pair of insulated socks. Brands like Bombas and Under Armour have a great selection, but more can be found through lesser known brands, and, of course, Amazon. 

Weather tech jacket 

A reliable winter jacket is a must for any outdoor athlete, but especially for Socceristas. We recommend a thin but well-insulated synthetic jacket that will protect you from the elements while using your own body heat to keep you toasty. There are plenty of athletic brands that will have just what you’re looking for, but for a little extra protection check out some outdoor retailers like REI and Patagonia. They have shelves full of weather and waterproof gear. 


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Winter running shoes 

If you’re sick of wearing plastic garbage bags in your shoes to keep your feet from getting totally soaked, get yourself a pair of winter running shoes. These are fleece lined and can definitely hold their own against the forces of inclimate weather. They’re a bit of an investment but are so worth it.

This winter is going to be a long one, but don’t let the cold get you down! While we all wish the love of the game alone could keep us warm we need some cold-weather soccer gear to make sure we’re safe from the cold while we’re out running drills. 



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