Dry Skin Hacks for Winter Soccer

You know those “lifehack” videos we find mesmerizing via social media? Do you ever think about dry skin hacks for winter?  We’ve got you covered!

Workouts and dry winter air can lead to painful, cracked dry skin. Soccer players and athletes are likely more prone to this problem because they sweat more as they clock in hours of practice. Sweat-drenched skin dries out even faster when exposed to cold air.

So how do you prevent feeling like you’re growing a new layer of elephant skin this winter soccer season?

Shorter Showers

You’re likely taking more showers than the average human if you’re playing winter soccer. Try to make these last less than 10 minutes. Lengthy exposure to hot water strips the skin of essential natural oils in the outer layer of the skin that are protective against those harsh winter temps.


Consider moisturizing super dry areas with ointments and thicker creams. If you have cracked skin, ointments are the way to go. Moisturizing ointments tend to stick to skin for a longer period of time, lock in essential oils, and help those painful fissures heal faster.

Moisturize like a champ. Hydrate your skin with a moisturizing cream right after you step out of the shower. Your pores will soak up those essential oils faster when they’re more dilated right after a shower.


Invest in a humidifier. Dry heated air in indoor spaces is the perfect setup for dry cracked lips. If you’re prone to a runny nose in those winter months, you’re even more likely to have painful dry patches around your lips too. Humidifiers add moisture to air so those areas of the skin don’t dry out as fast.

Hand Sanitizer is not your winter friend 

Stay away from hand sanitizers without aloe. These days there is no reason for anyone to use a sanitizer that will lead to cracked, dry skin. Most brands now make these with aloe vera which soothes the skin. Make sure the hand sanitizer in your soccer bag has aloe to prevent the alcohol-based antibacterial solution from excessively drying out your skin.

Your face needs love before your body rests

Slather the face before you hit the sack. After washing the daily residue off your face, apply a facial moisturizer or night cream. This will keep your complexion glowing through scoring goals.


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