The Importance of Girls Leading Girls

Women’s soccer and athletics alike are packed with wonderful female role models, but every Soccerista knows that there’s no replacing a great coach. Girls Leading Girls is built on that exact philosophy. 

Girls Leading Girls is a nonprofit that connects the next generation of soccer super stars with female coaches who are dedicated to guiding them through their youth careers. This organization is dedicated to Socceristas of all ages, those just starting out as well as seasoned players heading to U19 teams. It is their belief that having experienced women lead young women will foster a learning environment unlike any other community. Having someone who has been there and gone through it as the principle teacher in a young player’s life is a truly enriching experience that takes girls invaluable lessons. 

Girls leave sports behind around puberty at a disproportionate level to boys, and often the most recognized names in athletics are those of men — which is exactly why girls need role models they can see themselves in. Representation in sports is on the rise, thanks to the tireless work of the women who have made it to the highest level. One of their pillars is teaching girls to advocate for themselves, and that is more important now than ever. 

Serving and giving back to the community are crucial in soccer, and the organization certainly doesn’t shy away from that. International service trips are offered each year from Girls Leading Girls, reaching everywhere from Tanzania to the Women’s World Cup in France. 

Girls Leading Girls is committed to giving girls the tools and leadership to become leaders in their own rights, as well as skilled athletes, teammates, and capable people in all aspects of life. While a lot of community programs are swinging doors when it comes to who will coach a team from season to season, Girls Leading Girls knows that consistency is key and strives to keep the same coaches with their team for years. The goals of this nonprofit reach beyond the field, they encourage their players to pursue careers in STEM, think internationally with leadership programs, and give alumna the chance to give back by joining the coaching staff. 

Currently their programs are only available to girls in certain parts of California and Costa Rica, but they do have summer camps and international trips. Girls Leading Girls is exactly the kind of program young women in the world of soccer need right now, and we are so grateful to have forward thinking women investing their time and effort into the next generation so that they can build a future that is more female. 

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