Giving Tuesday: Soccer Organizations to Give Back To

The idea behind Giving Tuesday is simple: do something good. It can be as small as picking up an extra chore around the house for your parents or going out of your way to make someone smile. It’s a day to give a little good back into the world, and we all can use a bit of that. If you’re looking for ways to give back to the soccer world specifically, perhaps consider donating (can be big or small!) to one of the following organizations.

Hoodspace Chi

Hoodspace Chi is Sarah Gorden’s (of the Chicago Red Stars) new organization aimed at bringing “yoga, meditation, and sport” to girls of color in Chicago. Gorden decided to create the program based on her own experience as a professional athlete. While Hoodspace Chi has reached its donation goal, everything given will help further the organization’s efforts.

Girls Leading Girls

Girls Leading Girls runs soccer and leadership programs for young girls. Their focus on creating a teaching environment for girls (and women) specifically makes them special in the soccer organization space. While soccer is integral to the organization’s model, they also encourage young girls to be the best version of themselves off the field, too.

Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems was founded by former professional soccer player Stephanie Mcaffrey. The organization connects young girls playing soccer in low income areas of the United States with professional soccer athletes and encourages them to realize their full potential. 

Grassroot Soccer

Grassroot Soccer is about so much more than soccer. They describe themselves as an “adolescent health organization” that uses soccer to help children in developing countries “overcome their greatest health challenges.” Grassroot Soccer educates and aides young children to live healthier lives, and soccer is their way of creating an environment where that kind of teaching can take place.

Girls Soccer Worldwide

Girls Soccer Worldwide hosts leadership programs for girls in underprivileged areas around the world. While many young players may be told they can’t play, Girls Soccer Worldwide tells them they can. Their programs focus on giving invaluable leadership experiences and tools to student athletes. 

Giving Tuesday is all about giving back and doing good. What better way is there to do that than by helping an organization that brings people together through your favorite sport? And if donating isn’t an option for you this year, you can always spread the word about one of your favorite organizations. The most important thing is to simply do something good today (and every day, when you can).

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