Here for Hayley Raso: Soccer Star’s Family Home Robbed

Twenty-twenty has spared no one. Not even our favorite soccer stars. Just last week, we got the devastating news that the family home of Hayley Raso in Australia was robbed. She has since gone on Twitter pleading for help in retrieving her stolen national team gear. 

In addition to her national team gear, other sports gear, all of the family’s jewelry, and a laptop were  stolen. Security cameras caught the robbers entering the family’s Gold Coast home and leaving with the stolen items. Her mother, Renaye Sweeting, mentioned that Hayley was very upset upon hearing the news. “They’re just things you can’t get back,” she said in a news report. 

This was certainly the last thing Raso wanted to hear days before Everton took on Manchester City for the FA Cup. And unfortunately for Raso, Everton lost to Man City 3-1. It has certainly been a tough week for Raso. Just as her mother mentioned in the news report, the monetary value of the items is not of import. Rather, it’s the sentimental value that makes this loss so great. These were items Hayley worked for, shed blood, sweat, and tears for, and now they’re gone because of someone else’s heartless greed. But this time, we can do a bit more than just tweeting our support. We can help her get her gear back. Just like her tweet says, if you see any of her items for sale on places like eBay or other avenues, contact her directly on her social media channels. We got your back, Hayley. 


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