Jen Hoy Talks About How to Get Thru Your Period and Play

We are so fortunate to work with former Princeton Tiger and Sky Blue FC player, Jen Hoy, who is now launching her career as a Holistic Health Coach.

Jen truly cares about the well being of people, and young athletes. Over the last couple of years, while continuing to play at the pro level, she’s been studying to become a health coach and is excited to share her experience and knowledge with us. Every couple of weeks, she’ll be enlightening us with tips on all things wellness; from recipes to products she loves, and even how to get through your period as gracefully as possible while trying to perform at the top level on the pitch (see video, please!).

Whether it’s that time of the month, learning how to meditate or coming up with some salubrious (healthy) and delicious treat ideas, you’ll want to keep checking back in with us on more from Jen.

Follow her on Instagram @JenuineFoodie for her adventures in life and food!



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