Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Soccer Balls

A soccer ball is one of our most used pieces of gear. Between team practices, training on your own and games you’re putting that ball through some serious use, making it the item you’re always running to the store to replace. Not only is that putting a dent in your wallet but the environment as well.

Soccer balls are made of plastic, cotton, rubber, and animal products. The combination of those materials makes them really difficult to recycle. You can’t just drop it in the nearest recycling bin and call it a day. Instead, you’re going to have to take the time to look up organizations that will either help recycle the ball or find a way to reuse it.

To save you some time, we’ve found the best options for you to recycle your soccer balls.


If the ball is still in pretty good shape, but you need to go up in size, or you’re simply looking to switch, find an organization to donate. Programs like Passback or Peace Passers collect used but usable soccer gear to distribute to underprivileged kids. You could even host a recycling drive with your team!

Another option? Even if the ball is full deflated you might be able to breathe life into it by donating to a local animal shelter or organization. Those cute pups will appreciate a new toy either way!


Instead of recycling, upcycle. Take your used and deflated soccer ball for fun and creative DIY projects around the house. You can make a flower pot, purse, sports hat, etc. Share them with your parents if you don’t drive, yet by hanging them in your garage from the ceiling as a mark for where to park a car. This can protect the car from hitting the wall and the soft texture of used ball won’t damage the car.


Finally, when it comes to recycling, due to the tricky components of a soccer ball you may need to contact your nearest recycling plant for some advice. Lastly, if a facility accepts tires for recycling it will likely accept soccer balls as we.

Happy recycling!

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