Why It’s So Important to Know Your Team Role

All soccer positions have a specific role in making the team work. Goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, forwards. Every piece of the puzzle is crucial to the team’s success. If you’re not on the same page as the rest of your team or don’t really know what your role on the team is, there’s really no way you can help the team succeed.

Your coach has no doubt had you and the teammates who share your position have meetings. These meetings help you know the details of the position you play, your role, and help you bond with teammates you play closest to on the field. If your team wants to reach the highest level, everyone needs to be on the same page. So, if knowing your role is so important, what is it? Here’s a breakdown of each position’s role on the team.


Must be the loudest player on the field because they are the only player that sees the whole field. A player with physical and mental toughness, intuition, and instincts – while being loud – is a good fit for this position. 


Centerbacks: the last line of defense. This position is confident, decisive, commanding and one of the most skilled players on the field. 

Fullbacks: solid players who must be able to move as a defensive unit. They know when to drop into the center of the field and when to push the sidelines. They’re quick thinkers and quick on their feet. 

Defensive Mid: Strong leg, body, and ability to engage with the opposition. They must be able to help with the defenders and midfielders. 


Center Mid: the jack of all trades. This player must play well with all other positions. This position is filled by a Soccerista that is well-rounded, has a good touch, has great vision, and is highly athletic. The mind of a center midfielder must be focused and able to multitask. 

Wingers: wide support for every position on the field. Covers ground from post to post. This position must be filled by an endurance athlete, able to stay in position, with a killer dominant foot. 


Score. The. Goals. Regardless of formation, the offense must score! A good balance between strength and skill is a must for this position. Roles slightly vary in different formations. But, the truth remains: goals must be scored. A killer instinct, one of the most skilled players, and the ability to strike and score at any time are desired traits for offensive players. 

When you read through a brief description of each position, which one resonates with you? Find your position, then hone the skills required to play that role. If you feel you match another position better after learning how to play your role, ask your coach to give you a shot at a different position. 

Other roles you may play on your team are practice player, motivator, encourager, team clown, organizer, playlist creator, team mom, team nerd, and the list goes on. Knowing your role will give you clarity on your team role both on and off the pitch.

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