Devoted to the USA, the Romano Twins Verbally Commit to the U.S. Naval Academy

Isabella “Bella” and Emma Romano, fraternal twins verbally commit to play D1 soccer. Once they are admitted they will play for Coach Carin Gabarra at the U.S. Naval Academy in 2022.

Today, when the dynamic duo is not helping Syosset High School win the Nassau Class AA Soccer Championship, they are tearing up the pitch for FC Albertson Fury’s Development Academy team.

Plus, both girls who are on the honor roll are as devoted to soccer as they are to the United States.

On the field, Emma, an outside back focuses on protecting the goal while Bella’s focus is to smash the back of the net. Although very different positions they are equally selfless and impactful.

Last month they tagged us on Twitter to share their team’s goal celebration.

Once I viewed the video, I reached out to the girls with questions. Their response came fast and the tone was warm and inviting. This inspired me to look into their Twitter feed more closely. Later, I let them know I would like to share their story with our readers.

Vinny Romano, the twin’s dad, sent me an email to thank me. Clearly, apples don’t fall from the tree. Romano couldn’t have been more kind in his communication. He also oozes with pride when he talks about his children, all of them.

Crazy enough, each of our families was headed to Oceanside, CA. where our daughter’s would compete in the last DA Showcase of the 2018-2019 season.

Even crazier, we sat back to back with only 4 feet between us watching our girls play (the So Cal Sports Complex includes 18 fields).

Romano, his amazing wife Diana (mother of 5 girls – wow) and I hugged, laughed, griped, and shared proud soccer moments between halves. Relishing in the soccer community who  brought us together, I was thrilled to meet Emma and Bella:

GSN: What drew you to the U.S. Naval Academy?

IR: I loved the Idea of playing soccer for a coach who has accomplished as much as Coach Gabarra has. I feel she can make me a better player and teammate and goal scorer. I also feel that graduating from this prestigious and storied institution will help me make a difference in this world.
ER: After attending an Army vs. Navy game at the Naval Academy I knew there was no other place I wanted to play. The campus, the facilities, the environment, I was hooked. I also chose it because it will give me the best opportunity to make a difference in this world. Like Nicole Aunapu Mann, who was an F18 fighter pilot and is now an astronaut and she is a former Navy women’s soccer team captain.

GSN: How important is it to attend the academy with your twin sister?

IR: Attending the Academy with Emma will be the cherry on the top of my dream of attending the Naval Academy. She has always been my biggest supporter and it will be great to be able to experience it with her.
ER: Taking this journey with Isabella by my side is going to be lots of fun both on and off the field. I hope she doesn’t try to wear my uniform like she does my clothes.

GSN: Where do you see yourself in the future

IR: I see myself as a highly confident, successful graduate of the Naval Academy who has the ability to do anything and be anything I put my mind into being.
ER: I want to enjoy the journey and find what each year has in store for me. But I know attending the Naval Academy will help me be successful no matter what career path I chose.

GSN: How do you manage your schoolwork playing high-level soccer?

ER: You have to have a system. Homework, soccer practice, eat, study, sleep & repeat.
IR: It is a lot of hard work. But managing my time is key.

GSN: Do you have a role model?

IR: Hands down, my mom, she works tirelessly and takes care of our home. She has managed to raise 5 strong independent and successful daughters. She teaches us to be kind and assertive but more importantly wants us always to be our best selves.
ER: My role model is the person who lets me fail and learn from my mistakes. Who supports me and all of my decisions both good and bad. Who wants me to be self-sufficient and lead by example. I will do my best to make you proud MOM.

GSN: What is like to be the youngest of 5 sisters?

IR: I am the only one that can say I am the youngest. By 2 minutes.
ER: Maria, Samatha, and Gabriella laid the tracks for Isabella and I. They all have their masters degrees and successful careers. And they all still love to play soccer. My sisters are my best friends and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

GSN: What makes you and your twin different and alike?

IR: Emma and I are very close but also very independent. I am lefty, she is righty. I am an attacking player, she is a defender. We like the same music, movies and obviously schools.
ER: I am the smart pretty and funny one. I guess Isabella is ok?

GSN: Do you have advice for other female athletes?

IR: Work hard and don’t be afraid to fail. Learning from your mistakes is what is going to help you succeed.
ER: Dream big, stay focused, work hard.

We are excited to watch Bella and Emma continue to shine on and off the field. We are also so fortunate to meet amazing young women and their families who remind us this is the best community in sports!



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