Shower-Free Ways to Beat Post Workout Acne

OK, we’ve all been there. You know those days when you hit the snooze button one too many times, then find yourself 20 minutes behind … all day long? Obviously, this typically happens on days that are already jam-packed with a slew of classes, a final or two, soccer practice, a rehearsal of some sort and probably your little brother’s birthday dinner to top off the night.

I mean post-practice showering should definitely be a priority, but, well, life sometimes gets in the way. Twenty four hours later, the acne monster rears its ugly head. What if there was a way to avoid its wrath when you don’t have time to indulge in a hot shower in the middle of the day?

Here are some shower-free pre- and post-workout hacks:

1. Say no to the foundation filter

If you’re that soccerista who slathers on liquid foundation before the game, then you might want to skip the pore clogging routine. When you workout with makeup on, your pores open up and let in that sweat infused foundation, leading to a warm nest for bacteria to multiply. If you must enhance those eyes, then stick to liner and mascara only.

2. Pre-medicate

Some dermatologists recommend to pre-treat with a topical antibiotic or benzoyl peroxide if you’re prone to major acne. The topical medications kill some of that pore-loving sweat bacteria in an instant.

3. Think one stop shop

Sometimes, there is only a bathroom stall at your disposal. Ripping off a sweat-soaked uniform for an airy jersey dress or a loose fitting romper in between the game and hitting the next item on your itinerary is definitely more time crunch friendly than a full blown shower commitment. Even if it feels a little sacrilegious to throw on fresh clothes without pre-gaming with body wash, getting those sweaty clothes off of you is key in preventing body acne even if you don’t shower right away.

4. Take a dry shower

Cleansing cloths made with micellar water contain oil droplets that absorb sweat, oil, and gunk from the skin surface. Wipe your acne prone areas (face, back and chest) before the wardrobe change. Try Yuni Shower Sheets Large Body Wipes ($15).

5. Keep acne pads in your tote

These babies will cleanse and exfoliate without a thorough facial skin scrub if you’re behind schedule. The Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Toner Pads have alpha-hydroxy acid, malic acid, beta-hydroxy acid and willow bark extract to exfoliate deep within the pores after soccer workout.

Photo via Adobe Stock @Romario Ien

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