Soccer Drills to Start the New Year Right

With the holidays behind us, gone are the days of presents, endless cookies, and leftover mashed potatoes for dinner. It’s time to get game-ready again, and with that, our socceristas are probably looking for easy drills to start the new year right. Look no further, these soccer drills are productive, and fun to do. 

The Curb a la Carli Lloyd

In a 2019 article for The Player’s Tribune, Carli Lloyd talked about how she spent many a day as a kid in New Jersey kicking her soccer ball up against the curb outside her home. If it’s good enough for the two-time FIFA World Player of the Year, it’s good enough for us, right? As you get back in the swing of things after what was surely a busy holiday season, grab that soccer ball, a pair of sneakers, and head outside. Just make sure you watch out for cars. 

Cone Dribbling 

Short on space? With just a few cones and about three feet of space, you can work on your touch and get re-accustomed to the ball if it’s been some time since your last practice. Set the cones up however you like and dribble between them. Try to keep the ball close and work on controlling it with the different surfaces of your feet. Don’t neglect your weak foot! 

Change of Direction with cones 

This drill from BeastModeSoccer on Instagram is one of our favorites. It combines cardio, touch, and change of direction in one easy to set-up and quick to execute drill. Set four cones in a square with one cone about a yard or two to the left and right of the square. Dribble through the square and then out to one of the side cones. Quickly change directions back to the center square and then out to the other side cone. Go for a minute or two, rest, and repeat. If it’s been a while since your last run, don’t be surprised if you find yourself winded pretty quickly. 

One-touch shooting 

Got a parent and either a goal in your back yard or a nearby park? Grab some balls on a weekend morning and get to shooting. Set up your parent (or sibling or friend or teammate) with their back to the goal. Pass them the ball and have them lay it off to either side. Take a shot with your first touch. This will help you get back in the rhythm of the game when you won’t have the time to set up the perfect shot every time. Who doesn’t love a good shooting drill? 

Good, old fashioned, juggling 

One of the easiest drills to do to get back in the swing of things for the new year is juggling. Make it a challenge for yourself! Watch some of your favorite players on Instagram to see how they make juggling both fun and challenging. Try to keep the ball in the air for a full minute or a certain number of touches. Didn’t reach a full minute or complete the skill? Add in a couple of sprints as a “punishment” if you have the room for it. Juggling is one of the most versatile skills you can practice, and is especially useful if you haven’t touched the ball in a bit.



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