Successful Negotiation & Mediation Strategies

I’ve been a certified civil and family court mediator in Charleston for many years now, and one thing is clear to me – no matter what you do or who you are, life is all about negotiations. From the homes we buy right on down to what we’ll have for dinner with a spouse or friend, we’re negotiating all the time. Of course, as lawyers, good negotiation skills are key. As I like to say, good lawyers don’t just try cases; they try to resolve them.

Whether it is a personal injury claim, and business dispute, or a divorce action, mediation is a wonderful and cost-effective way of resolving disputes. In this broadcast of Legally Speaking, I am joined by my co-host Tina Willis and Kimberly Sands of Upchurch Watson White & Max Mediation Group. Kimberly mediates throughout the state of Florida and Southeastern United States. During the show, we discussed the advantages of mediation, effective advocacy in mediation, negotiation strategies, preparing for mediation, good practices for presenting your case at mediation, do former judges make good mediators, and much more.

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