Taking the Reigns as Team Captain

Being named team captain is a huge honor for any soccerista, even during these weird times. Even though your season might not look like it did before, there are still plenty of ways to be a fearless leader. 

Words of Wisdom 

Odds are your team isn’t seeing much of each other in person, so you’ll have to rely on digital and virtual messages. Motivation is key when it comes to times like this, luckily the women of the soccer community have imparted some excellent words of wisdom over the years. Sending out a daily, weekly, or monthly blast with some inspiring/encouraging words from female soccer players will keep your team pumped up and spirits up until you can all reunite on the pitch. 

Checking in 

Even though you’re not all together and fighting for a win on the pitch, it’s vital to keep checking in with your team. Just as you would for a teammate who suffered an injury it’s up to you to make sure that everyone’s physical and mental health is in fighting shape. Of course, this doesn’t all come down to you. Even as the captain you shouldn’t be expected to do everything yourself, so encourage your team to check in on each other. 

Watch film 

Now is the perfect time to study film, pick up some new tactics, and learn from past mistakes. Granted, not every team has access to film of their own games, but there are tons of highlights and matches to learn from all over the Internet. Check out some USWNT set pieces to drum up some ideas for ways to set up, think of ways to shake up positions and configurations on the field. And if nothing else, watching film and highlights will at least be a way of getting your soccer fix for the moment. 

Micro-practices and workouts 

Just because this season looks different doesn’t mean that everything has to change. As team captain you should be keeping your team’s fitness level in mind, so that when things return to normal the whole team is ready to go. Set up team workouts that can be done at home, arrange a meet up time for some socially distanced footwork and passing drills, do some Zoom meetings for a group strength workout. Staying active will keep the team ready and combat cabin fever while we’re all cooped up. 

Stay on top of updates 

Just as you would be well versed in your season’s schedule, a team captain today should always be listening for updates on when the game will be back on. Keep in touch with your coach for any news or any talks that are happening so you can be the first line of information for the rest of your team. This will both help you stay on top of things and alleviate any anxiety your teammates have over waiting to hear any scrap of news. 

Keep up the camaraderie

At the end of the day, no matter where you are or what’s happening, you are the leader of a team. And one thing that is absolutely essential to a successful team is friendship and camaraderie. Do whatever you can to keep the team a cohesive unit. Set up virtual movie nights, be outlets for each other when times get tough, Skype weekly to talk about what you’re most excited about. 

The responsibilities of being a team captain don’t end on the field. There are tons of ways to be a good leader to your team that don’t have anything to do with the game itself. As long as you’re being a friend, a motivator, and a steadfast lover of soccer, you’re doing great, captain. 


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