The Best of Soccerista Summer Camps

It’s usually around this time of year when things start to thaw out and you can actually remember what summer felt like. It feels great for a second, and then you realize you have no summer plans.

Not to worry. GSN have put together a list of what we consider to be the best camps in the country based on coach-to-camper ratio, training styles, facilities, uniqueness and quality fun! Go ahead and mark your calendars for some much needed soccer time this summer.


One Soccer Schools 
Location: Various locations across the States
Dates: June 16, June 21, and June 26

One. Soccer has cultivated passionate and dedicated players into leaders in over 10 states across the country through residential camps for over 20 years. Players from as young as nine can come learn the sport at its highest level and learn from an international coaching staff. Top tier players from the best soccer and Developmental Academy Clubs have attended the camps such as Real So Cal, LA Galaxy, Sounders FC, Houston Dynamo and many more.

Attendees can choose between field player or goalkeeper tracks with overnight camps running five to 15 days long. While there, they will learn habit forming skills and bold play. The programs run under the philosophy of “Fail your way to success” and “Attention to detail,” allowing players to challenge themselves without fear of making mistakes.

One. Soccer also offers summer camp programs for ages nine to 16, five to nine and three to four year olds as well as after school programs for kindergarten through sixth grade.

ODP Finishing Camp
Location: Ojai, CA
Dates: June 29 – July 3 (ages 10-13), July 3 – July 7 (ages 14-17)

It’s not about where you start, but it’s about how you finish. The Cal South PRO+ ODP Finishing Academy helps players focus on their ability to finish their shots through residential camps. With the philosophy “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take,” camps focus on helping players prepare to score in any situation on the field.

From the cross to the toe poke, players will work on improving their offensive game and work on finishing their shots. Players will take over 1000 shots over 10 sessions and learn training methods to perfect their shot. Finishing Camp will help you “become the rare player who takes advantage of every precious camp.

By the end of camp, players will have the opportunity to put their new found skills to the test with the Goal Scoring Challenge Competitions.

Northwest Soccer Camp
Location: Bastyr University, Kenmore, Washington
Dates: Start dates – July 7, July 14, July 21, July 28

Founded in 1972 by Cliff McCrath and Mike Ryan, Northwest Soccer Camp was built on the desire to help develop and train players. What started as 30 campers and four staff members has grown to three camps running for four weeks in July. Players can come and learn from some of the best in the world such as Paul Barron, Marcus Hahnemann and Steve McCrath.

From ages six to 17, players can opt between four different courses including Goalkeeper training, Skill camp, and finishing school. Camp participant will work on developing their technical and tactical play, learn fitness and training habits, and receive position specific training.


North Carolina Soccer Camp
Location: Chapel Hill and Greensboro, North Carolina
Dates: June 21, July 20, July 6

From the best of the best to training as a team, North Carolina Girls Soccer Camp work to prepare every type of player for the next level.

For those looking to continue their careers into college, NCGSC offers a College Bound focused solely on “preparing [players] for the rigors of college soccer.” The camp work towards creating “a training highly competitive environment…to get the most out of each player and goalkeeper.” Elite players will challenge both their technical and tactical skills over a four days to become a “highly sought after collegiate level soccer player.”

Also unique to NCGSC, coaches are able to send their teams to a camp to work better together. Coaches and players will work to learn the University of North Carolina system and get personalized insight on how to perform better as a team. Twice a day teams will face off with other campers in 11-on-11 “so every possible facet of player development is involved.”

For those not quite ready for the residential camps, a Day camp is offered from 9 a.m. until 12 or 4 p.m. depending on your half or full day selection. Girls six to 13 will receive competitive training to test their skills. Similar to the residential camps attendees will receive high quality coaching during the day.

NO.1 Soccer Camps
Location: Various locations including Georgia, Florida and the Carolinas
Dates: Various dates dependent on location

Offering something for every level, No.1 Soccer Camps host five training programs to help players develop and improve their skills. Ranging from six to 18, players can choose between the field players or goalkeepers routes and be trained under the “Go to Goal” curriculum.

For players looking to advance to the next level, No.1 Soccer offers its Elite Training Camp. This week event challenges high school players to test their skills and improve their ability to read the game. Attendees will be executive to take initiative during drills and focus on their technique. The camp offers competitive tournaments throughout the week as well as quality coaching over three elements of the game: Attacking, defending and transitioning.

No.1 Soccer also offers two camps for young players, Youth Camp and No.1 Soccer Camp. Young participants will learn the foundational skills that they’ll carry throughout their career. Utilizing fun and entertainment, players will focus on habit forming touches as they run through 1,000 Go to Goal situations. Ages six to 10 will focus on the basic and learn proper technique for shooting, dribbling and much more.

Auburn Soccer Camp
Location: Auburn, Alabama
Dates: June 16-19

Auburn University opens its fields to help train girls nine to 18 years old in its state-of-the-art athletic facilities. With everything from Day Camps to Elite training, Auburn Women’s Soccer offers something for everybody. Working to improve game knowledge and technical skills, players will receive quality training from the Auburn coaching staff and current DI players.

The Elite Camp offers competitive training sessions with specialized training offered to goalkeepers. Campers will participate in training sessions twice a day before ending the night with a 11-on-11 game. Unique to the camps, participants will also be able to sit in a Q&A session while at camp and be able to learn the recruiting process during the discussion.


Exact Sports
Location: Plano, Texas
Dates: July 25 – July 27

With camps across the nation, Exact Sports offers one of the best rated soccer camp experience with locations in every region. The camps offer 1-on-1 evaluations and personal connections to their campers to create a personalized experience. Campers will not only compete against other great players in the area but also receive mental performance training to help maintain confidence and overcome adversity.

Girls attending the three day camp will receive train for in-game situation and test their skills in tournament-style matches. When not on the field, campers will receive training from collegiate coaches and exposure to a variety of coaching styles during the college-style training sessions. Each camper will receive a personal evaluation from a college mentor while attending the camp.

Location: College Station, Texas
Dates: June 15, Jun 29, July 13, July 17

“Widely acknowledged as the Best Soccer Camp in America,” Texas A&M offers a variety of programs for those looking to get an edge on the soccer field. Girls ranging from 11-18 will spend five days training with great coaches.

Players are divided up based on skill level and work with others in the same skill set. With seven campers to one coach, players will receive individual training and work on their speed as well as soccer skills throughout the camp.

With training sessions three times a day, campers will be able to work on a variety of skills and techniques before testing them in games at the end of every night. Goalkeepers should register as full time goalkeepers and will receive specialized training.

Matt Potter Soccer Academy
Location: The University of Oklahoma
Dates: July 16- July 19

This three day residential camp offers training for the most serious soccer players. Interested in improving their game, players will train using the same methods currently in use by the University of Oklahoma’s Women’s Soccer team. OU players and staff spend time discussing the important of fitness training and nutrition for players. Attendees will also receive video analysis and on-field training focusing on both their tactical and technical skills.


Berkshire Soccer Academy For Girls
Location: East Otis, Massachusetts
Dates: Various dates in June and July

University of Texas head coach Ange Kelly joins Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly and Tisha Hoch in their sixth year of offering residential summer camps. The Academy offers six weeks for girls, grades 4-9 to train their skills with two additional weeks set aside for grades 7-12.

Campers will receive individualized instruction and training. Not just about ones physical ability, girls will be taught mental skills to help improve their confidence, control and communication. For the first time ever, players will receive written feedback through email “within a few days of the sessions completion.”

Julie Foudy Sports Leadership
Location: Highstown, NJ
Dates: July 7 – July 11

Created by one of the leading ladies in women’s soccer, the Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy offers training both on and off the field to girls ages 12 to 18. Realizing soccer wasn’t simply about the skills you possess with a ball, JFSLA impliment a Leadership program within its training. Players will spend five days and four nights receive personalized soccer instruction and college preparation.

Believing sports and leadership coexist, JFSLA emphasizes “what we learn on the field…as players shapes who we are as people.” Players will learn to deal with adversity as the perfect their touch on the ball.


Soccer Camps International
Location: 10 locations in Europe
Dates: Various dates dependent on location

Playing home to some of the best futbol teams in the world, Europe offers a unique opportunity for summer camps. With locations across 10 different countries, Soccer Camp International opens advance training for girls 8-17. Players will be able to train at some of the most renown facilities in the world including the Manchester City Football Club training center and FC Barcelona training facilities.

Campers will learn through a series of training sessions, workshops and games offered by top notch coaches. While improving their skills, players will also receive English classes (dependent on location).

Photo via Berkshire Soccer Academy for Girls



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