The Five Best Goals of Alex Morgan’s Career

Last week, GSN brought you some of the best moments from Megan Rapinoe’s illustrious career. This week, we’re keeping the tradition going by reliving the best from another legend. Alex Morgan is the de facto goal-scorer for the national team, her goal-scoring form was other-worldly over the last two years. There’s a lot to choose from, but we’re bringing you the five best from Alex Morgan’s career.

5. Morgan’s Intelligent Finish With Her Chest is Genius

Alex Morgan is the focal point of any defense trying to stop her. If she gets a sniff of the goal, she’s going to find a way to score. A case in point is this goal from last year’s SheBelieves Cup against Japan. It’s rare for any player to score with their chest, let alone be running full speed while trying to attempt it. That’s exactly what Morgan executed almost effortlessly. Her quality of finishing is truly unmatched.

4. Morgan Scores Her 100th International Goal

Morgan became the 7th USWNT player ever to eclipse the 100 goal threshold against the Matildas. Defenders can get caught in a bind when trying to stop Morgan with a full head of steam. Do you try to apply pressure on the ball and risk getting embarrassed or do you lay off and let her shoot. The Aussies elected to lay off after Morgan faked her way around one defender. Her curling finish into the far corner was perfect. A perfect way to score her 100th international goal.

3. Morgan’s Audacious Chip is Perfection

Morgan’s time with the Orlando Pride got off to the great start when she first joined the team in 2016. Goals like these are the reason why you bring in a player of her stature. Most times players will attempt a chip when the ball is at a complete stop or barely moving. This ball is bouncing off the field with pace and it can be easy to get a chip like this wrong. Not for Alex Morgan, the touch was inch-perfect and the keeper had no chance.

2. Morgan Makes it Look Easy Against Germany

The inaugural SheBelieves Cup pitted the United States against Germany. In a game where the USWNT was trailing, Morgan produced a moment of magic. Her overall awareness of where she is on the field and her athleticism is on full display here. The striker seemed almost cornered with nowhere to go. Instead, she took one touch to dink it over the defenders head and one to score on the volley. This is all in one motion. Trying to defend Alex Morgan sometimes is just unfair.

1. Morgan Sticks it to the Brits to Create an Iconic Moment

Alex Morgan was perceived in a completely different light after this goal against England was scored at the World Cup. Lindsey Horan played in a sumptuous ball and Morgan found the back of the net with a powerful header. The timing of her run along with the placement of the goal in a big moment was as clutch as could be. Yet, we know this is all about the celebration and Alex Morgan was sure to have her pinky up when drinking the imaginary tea. This is a legendary moment that will be played back for a long, long time.


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