The Perfect Taylor Swift Soccer Playlist

There are highs and lows that come with being soccer players. Whether it’s playing against your rival or scoring the game-winning goal, there are so many emotions that pour out while playing the beautiful game. One great way to cope with the emotional rollercoaster Socceristas go through on a daily basis? Listening to music. For all the Swifties out there, here is the perfect Taylor Swift soccer playlist to hit all the soccer feels.

  1. Love Story – For the Socceristas that fell in love with the beautiful game.
  2. You Need to Calm Down – For when your coach gets on you or your team and you wish you could just tell them to calm down. 
  3. Me! – For the Socceristas that put in the work when no one else is watching. 
  4. Shake If Off – Whether you lose a hard-fought match, get cut from a team, or just had an off day, shake it off and come back better the next time you step on the field.
  5. Bad Blood – For when you play against that one team you can’t help but despise.
  6. Everything Has Changed – For the Socceristas finishing a chapter in their soccer career. Life after the game is a complete 180. Finding ways to stay around the game is super important.
  7. End Game – For when the final whistle blows and the game is finally over and you reflect on how you think you performed. 
  8. Teardrops On My Guitar – A classic T-Swift song for when you have a tough loss and things get emotional. It’s okay to cry it out and use that as motivation to come back even stronger the next time. 
  9. Fearless – An important trait for Socceristas to have. Stepping out of your comfort zone and being OK with making mistakes will help you on your way to success. 
  10. Happiness – Everything about soccer.
  11. Holy Ground – This might be a biased Soccerista opinion, but the soccer field is probably the holiest ground in the world.
  12. Girl At Home – For the Socceristas that don’t always get to go out and have as much freedom to do things as those who don’t play sports. 
  13. Better Than Revenge – There is no better feeling than beating your rivals.
  14. ‘Tis the damn season – Soccer season can be all year round, but the return of the USWNT, NWSL, or FA WSL is always the best season.  
  15. I Forgot That You Existed – For the Socceristas that sometimes forget their weak foot exists. We’re all guilty of it. 
  16. It’s Nice to Have a Friend – For the Socceristas whose teammates are family, the ones who truly understand when you say, “I can’t, I have soccer”
  17. …Ready For It? – For the Soccerista’s getting ready for their next big game. It’s important to clear your head and just think about giving it your all. Most of all, be ready for it!
  18. Style – For the players who are always in groutfits or tournament T-Shirts. The queens of asking, “real clothes or sweats?” 
  19. August – For those who spend their summer preparing for August because that means preseason. A month filled with running in excruciating heat, beep tests, and two-a-days. 
  20. Today Was A Fairytale – For all the Socceristas that have made their dream club, got into their dream school, or even got a call up to the national team, this song is for you. Enjoy the feeling of success and carry it with you through your entire journey!

Featured Image via Kevin Mazur/Fox/Getty Images for FOX



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