6 Ways To Pass the Time at Weekend Tournaments

As much fun as a weekend-long soccer tournament can be, especially out of state, there is usually a lot of time to kill. Here are a few of our favorite things to do at soccer tournaments while waiting for our next game.

Learning Apps

If you’re a soccerista who likes to make good use of her downtime, we highly recommend a learning app like Duolingo. Whether you want to learn a new language or keep your mind sharp with sudoku, there are tons of apps you can complete quick lessons in while you’re sitting on the sidelines. 

Team Book Club

A team book club helps bring the team closer together AND pass the time during tournaments. Read throughout the week or just while you’re waiting for game time and discuss with your teammates as the plot thickens. The books you pick can be soccer-centric, YA, mystery, whatever you like. Nothing makes time fly faster than a really good book. 


Whether you’re coming off the field from a comfortable victory or a devastating loss, it is so important to keep your mind right during soccer tournaments. Yoga can help you re-center, keep focused, unwind, and recharge while you’re waiting for your next chance to kick butt. It’s also a great way to stay warm between games and tend to any aches or pains before they become full-blown injuries. 

Board Games

Who doesn’t love board games? Depending on what you pick, you can spend an entire afternoon rolling dice and pulling cards – though you should probably leave Risk and Monopoly at home, just for the sake of keeping the team together. Teach your teammates your family’s favorite card game, play charades, heads-up, or any of your other favorite games. 

Watching a movie or TV show

This one will take a bit of equipment, but it’s a time-killing method we are all familiar with. If you happen to have a hotspot, you can set up a Netflix viewing party on your laptop; portable DVD players are great alternatives and relatively inexpensive. If you want to go all out, pick up a portable projector and get the whole team together to watch some USWNT highlights or your favorite soccer movie


If you’re an adventurous soccerista, geocaching is the pastime for you. It’s basically urban treasure hunting, and it is an absolute blast. Download the Geocache app to get started, and it will give you locations for different caches in your area; these caches can be the size of a bottle cap or a whole lockbox and store all kinds of things. Once you’ve found the cache be sure to leave a little trinket after you take one to keep the game going for those who come after you. Be careful when you’re out there and never geocache alone!

Soccer tournaments are an incredible part of being a competitive athlete. They’re where some of the best soccer memories are made. Don’t let the waiting around keep you from enjoying every second of those packed weekends. 

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