Tobin Heath’s Best Goals Ever

Live soccer is slowly becoming a possibility in our current world, the German Bundesliga just resumed action, the NWSL still has hope. However, until then we’ll have to settle for all the NWSL and USWNT rewinds that we can get. We’ve been doing the same for Top 5 Goals over the last couple of weeks. Now, let’s reminisce on the best of the best from USWNT superstar, Tobin Heath.

5. Does Heath Have Eyes in the Back of Her Head?

No matter where she is on the pitch, Tobin Heath has a flair for the dramatic. If she has a chance to embarrass you and look good while doing it, she’ll take it. That’s precisely what happened here as she has the creativity to backheel this ball in from six yards out. Heath truly is one of a kind.

4. Heath Comes up Big in Cascadia Rivalry

Portland and Seattle have a historic rivalry and when they come together, it’s always fireworks. On the stroke of halftime, Heath would strike to give the Thorns a vital lead. It doesn’t take Heath a long time to decide what she wants to do with the ball once she has it at her feet. One-touch was all she needed to set herself up before bending the ball into the top corner. A thing of beauty from a beautiful player.

3. Heath Toys With Thailand Defense

When people refer to Tobin Heath as, “having too much sauce” this would be one of the exhibits of evidence to support that claim. This was from a friendly with Thailand back in 2016, not the 13-0 thumping at the World Cup in 2019. Heath has no angle whatsoever, yet she jukes out the defender and hits a perfectly-weighted chip over the keeper off the bar and in. Only Heath is audacious enough to try something like that and succeed.

2. Heath Scores First Ever NWSL Final Goal

While Tobin is known for her work ethic and willingness to try new things, she’s also clutch when called upon. After missing a PK in the 2011 World Cup Final, she would score a goal in the 2015 World Cup Final and a goal in the first ever NWSL Final. This free kick is so hard to execute, considering how far away she is. Yet, Heath managed to smash it home and it would help the Thorns secure their first NWSL crown.

1. Heath Pulls Off Absurd Backheel Against Orlando

This goal sums up the essence of Tobin Heath. Ingenuity, athleticism, body control, and courage are all on display here. To this day, we are all still in shock as to how Tobin Heath managed to contort her body to backheel flick this ball in. Again, I don’t think there’s anyone on planet earth who would even try to do this in a game, but Heath did and scored one of the best you’ll ever see. Tobin Heath is a national treasure, there’s no doubt about that.



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