Top 5 Cutest Dogs of the USWNT Players

Dogs, human’s best friend. We all love them but they weren’t created equal and today we’ll see which dogs will fetch first place from my top 5 cutest dogs of the USWNT players.

#5. Morena


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Coming in at number five, this cutie calls Christen Press mom. She is such a sweetheart and looks like she could be just as happy if she were being hugged all day, look at that smile. Even more heartwarming, she’s a rescue.

#4. Wilma


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Rose Lavelle is lucky enough to call Wilma, our number four spot, hers. This adorable little bulldog, or is it a bunny, looks to be having the time of her life sitting in the grass on Easter morning. Not only is she super cute but her personality shines brighter than her eyes.

#3. Tanner


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Tanner and her mom Moe Brian

Tanner has to be the most photogenic dog on this list. This little dachshund has earned his way to spot number three. He and his mom look like two peas in a pod. You can practically taste how sweet he is!

#2. Harley


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Moving along to number two we have Harley and her mom, Tierna Davidson (right).

This little girl looks so happy being smothered in love. Although her exact breed is unknown, she looks like a mix of cuteness and curiosity. How can you not love her?

#1. Bobby


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Bobby has won herself first place, claiming the position as top dog. This little cockapoo has made its mom, Abby Dahlkemper proud. This level of cuteness should be illegal. Her little eyes are just so mesmerizing and she looks like the epitome of a perfect puppy.

Although all dogs might not be equal, they are all just as wonderful. This is why we wanted to include a little honorable mention for this list.

The girls below were so close to making the list we just had to include them. Those bow ties are on point and only add to their mix-matched perfection. Plus, when it comes to dogs, two is better than one.

Honorable Mention – Allie Long’s doggies


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