Top 5 Goals: Westfield W-League Week 1

The return of the Westfield W-League for the 2021 season is a sight for soccer fans’ sore eyes. Some of Australia’s best talent is on display, and they’re bringing some outstanding goals to go with them to the pitch. The W-League 2021 season is just getting started, and we’re sure there’s plenty of great moments to come. Here are the Top 5 goals of the week from the Westfield W-League. 


  1. Courtnee Vine – Sydney FC

Sydney FC’s season is off to the perfect start with a convincing 3-0 win over Western Sydney. This play developed in a split second, but Courtnee Vine was ready to pounce. The second the striker found the space, she sprinted into it with the ball before finishing well. A nice team goal for Sydney that didn’t involve Princess Ibini.

  1. Princess Ibini- Sydney FC

The aforementioned Princess Ibini is another young star on the rise for the Matildas. Sydney FC’s best player looked unstoppable and could be in line for a career season. On this goal, Ibini slipped behind the defense with a great run and an even better finish into the top corner. The angle to shoot was also tough, but Ibini, with her quality, had no issues. 

  1. Michelle Heyman- Canberra United

Michelle Heyman IS BACK. W-League fans will know all too well how great Heyman is in front of goal, she’s second all-time in league history. Heyman never thought she’d be back but now that she is, she can’t stop scoring. This curling effort to beat the keeper proves that Canberra could be a team to watch – as long as Heyman keeps scoring goals like this one. 

  1. Nickoletta Flannery- Canberra United

Who doesn’t love a dramatic, last-second goal to win the match? Nikki Flannery managed to skip past two defenders but her body was still positioned away from goal. The degree of difficulty to bring her body around and generate that much power on the strike is extremely high. Clearly, the keeper wasn’t expecting the shot either as the ball flew past her into the roof of the net. 

  1. Princess Ibini- Sydney FC


This is what Princess Ibini can do when she’s at her best. The poor defender didn’t stand a chance here; their job is to force her to the end line, but if Ibini finds a way to cut inside onto her right foot, it’s over. That’s exactly what happened here, a quick cut inside followed by great technique to wrap her foot around the ball. That’s a goal strikers dream about scoring.



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