5 Qualities College Recruiters Look For

I’ll never forget my intense desire to play at the next level. Every game I played throughout my high school years was driven by the vision of playing college soccer. I had been playing since I was six years old. It only felt natural to continue playing for 4 more years. Plus, what was my life WITHOUT soccer? But the question always remained in the back of my mind, what did college recruiters look for anyway?

After 12 years on the pitch, I began looking at prospective colleges. Except, I wasn’t sure what I was even really looking for. And I absolutely wasn’t sure what college recruiters looked for either. Being “good” is only one piece of the puzzle. 

So, what qualities do college recruiters look for in recruits? One of my favorite coaches from my Soccerista days, Chris LeGates, helps me hash out the top five qualities of a college recruit. Chris is the Head Assistant Coach of Women’s Soccer at Southern Connecticut State University, and the U17 girl’s coach and College Pathway Director at Vale Soccer Club. Chris is a partner in Tackling College Sports, which runs a podcast, website, and streaming show “The Daily Drop” on Facebook, dedicated to the college recruiting process. 

5 Qualities College Recruiters Look For 
  1. Good Grades: You have to get it done in the classroom before you can get it done on the field! Grades matter so take your studies as seriously as your training.
  2. Technical Ability: Is the player comfortable with the ball? What is their vision like? Are they able to make passes that break lines, are they able to connect passes, serve the ball effectively, shoot with accuracy, have a good first and second touch?
  3. Physical Ability: While your height and size aren’t super important, your speed, quickness, explosiveness, and strength are crucial for playing at the next level. College soccer is more physical and the speed of play is quicker. Players will need to adjust to that.
  4. Tactical Ability: How well do you know the game? Are you a student of the game? Do you understand the way your team wants to play and what your role in that system is? 
  5. Character: Someone is always watching! How do you carry yourself on and off the field? How a player treats their teammates, coaches, and referees is key. How do you handle mistakes? Body language is massive! Conduct yourself with class. Be someone people will look up to.

This insight from Chris is worth writing down. These five qualities college recruiters look for are a major reference to use while you’re corresponding with prospective college coaches, on recruiting trips, and working on building your skills with the next level in mind! 

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