What Every NWSL Team’s Jersey Colors Mean

Teams don’t just randomly choose their jersey colors. Colors have meaning, and you’d be surprised what the various NWSL jersey colors actually mean. Some teams have colors tied to their location, and others have chosen their colors with specific meanings in mind. Even teams whose colors seem to lack purpose have meanings if you consider color psychology. While the classic red, white, and blue of the USWNT jerseys have an obvious meaning, the NWSL jersey colors are a little more complex.

If we apply the NWSL’s jersey colors to the color meanings from the field of psychology mixed with business marketing, an interesting picture emerges. In this theory, red stands for passion and a sense of urgency.

Take, for example, the NWSL’s colors: navy blue, red, silver, and white. They translate to urgency, trustworthiness, glamor, and unity. Seems fitting, no?

Chicago Red Stars

The Chicago Red Stars’ colors are red, white, light blue, and black. The Red Stars take their colors (and their red stars) from the Chicago flag. In color theory, those colors stand for urgency, unity, freedom, and power.

Houston Dash

The Houston Dash’s colors are orange, black, and Columbia blue. The Dash’s colors coordinate with their paired men’s team, the Houston Dynamo. In color theory, they stand for enthusiasm, power, and trustworthiness.

Racing Louisville

Racing Louisville’s colors are lavender, deep violet, and mint green. Racing Louisville took their purple from Lou City FC, the lower level men’s team they pair with. The mint is from the mint julep famously drank at the Kentucky Derby. According to color theory, these colors represent the regal and the natural.

North Carolina Courage

NC Courage’s colors are Atlantic blue, cardinal red, and Southern gold. The Courage’s colors are the same as the colors of their home state of North Carolina. They blend urgency with freedom and tradition in marketing color theory.

OL Reign

OL Reign’s colors are bright blue, white, and gold (with dark blue on their kits). The OL Reign take their new tricolor from their new parent teams at Olympique Lyonnais but are keeping the old dark blue as a nod to their history. These colors mean joy, unity, and urgency.

Orlando Pride

Orlando Pride’s colors are purple and light blue. The Pride’s colors and name tie to the now defunct Orlando FC Lions, with classic Floridian art deco colors. These colors could mean regal and free or spiritual and joy. Both make sense.

Portland Thorns

Portland Thorns’ colors are red, green, and black. The Thorns’ colors refer to the roses from Portland’s nickname, “The Rose City.” Passion, health, and authority are their meanings from color theory.

Sky Blue FC

Sky Blue FC’s colors are blue, orange, and white. Sky Blue FC’s colors do not represent their name. According to color theory, Sky Blue’s colors mean freedom, happiness, and openness.

Washington Spirit

Washington Spirit’s colors are red, black, silver, and white. They represent the team’s “burning with spirit” mantra and their patriotic theme. In color theory, their colors stand for passion, power, glamor, and unity. 

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