Why Every Soccerista Needs Their Own Playlist

It doesn’t take an article on psychology to teach us that music evokes emotion. If you’ve ever found yourself crying to a certain song, getting tense as the music intensifies during a movie, or up dancing around the room by yourself — you are aware of the power of music. The song comes on, and our bodies respond. Music takes over. Did you know music affects heart rate and blood pressure? Music has measurable benefits for every aspect of a human being. 

Music is etched in our memories. Each time period of our lives has a soundtrack. And our soccer life shouldn’t be any different. It’s a quick easy source of motivation and so much more: “Music, though it appears to be similar to features of language, is more rooted in the primitive brain structures that are involved in motivation, reward and emotion.”

Have you ever thought about it?  What’s your soccer soundtrack?  I’m sure you put music on when you workout, want to break out in a dance party, or maybe even to relax or study.  You pick the music based on what mood you feel or want to feel. Music is a powerful motivator.  Only YOU know what kind of music motivates you. 

Creating a playlist

Making a soccer playlist is a simple hack to get your mind focused for game day…or practice. You know the saying, “the harder you work in practice, the easier it will make the game.”  Music can also help you increase your endurance while going for a run. It has the ability to increase your performance on the soccer field.  

Creating a playlist is a must for individual players but it is also as a TEAM.  Each team member submits a song that they want to hear pregame and a playlist is created that represents each player. This is an awesome way to bond and get synced up before stepping in the field. It may also bring that one Soccerista who lives in her headphones out of her own zone and into the team zone. (Guilty!) 

A few of of my all time favorite pregame playlist worthy songs are:

  1. Jay Z- Bring Em Out
  2. Eminem- Lose Yourself 
  3. The Black Eyed Peas- Pump It
  4. U2- One (Assumption shout out!)
  5. Jay Z and Linkin Park- Encore

Learning how to hack your mind and body to increase performance will be your secret weapon. Utilize the tool of music to keep you calm for visualization of the game as well as amped up for kick off.  The USWNT’s playlist led them to the World Cup Gold Medal. Who knows what a great soccer playlist can do for you! 

Having trouble creating your own? Check out our latest GSN November playlist!

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