Why We’re Thankful for Soccer Parents

Thanksgiving is going to look very different this year for a lot of people, but one thing most all Socceristas have in common to be thankful for: soccer parents. Everything they do is for our love of the game. Here are just a few things we have soccer parents to thank.

Orange slices

The ultimate and most iconic halftime and post game snack, nothing hits quite like an orange slice. The perfect combination of sweet and tart these classic snacks are just what any player needs to get through a mid-game slump, celebrate a victory, or soothe the sting of defeat. Snack parent is a high honor and a huge pressure, and orange slices have always been a ringer.


Socceristas would be literally nowhere without the grace of the carpool. Any Soccerista short a car or a license knows exactly how much a carpool means, not just for transportation but for team bonding as well. Carpools are 20 minutes or more of nonstop togetherness, and as fun as that might be for the passengers, the driver has to possess near superhuman patience. Plus think how much time each of our soccer parents have sacrificed driving us to and from practices, games, and more.

Post game tunnels

Whether you’re strolling off the field with a W under your belt or just suffered a painful defeat, the post game tunnel is there for you. This celebration is in thanks completely to the spectators, which as we all know are mostly parents. The tunnel is a tradition that lifts the spirits of anyone who runs through.


Only the bravest among us could handle multiple pairs of dirty soccer socks, stained jerseys, and sliders. Treating soccer related clothing stains takes years of trial and error, something soccer parents seem to have the magic touch for. Without soccer parents and their laundry skills, we’d all be hot messes from kick off until OT.

DIY Supplies

You can’t get out of a soccer season without having decorated at least one article of clothing, and those bottles of paint, ribbons, markers, and plain T-shirts didn’t just fall out of the sky. Without them all of our lettering would be lopsided, over glittered, and a complete mess. No soccer parent gets out of the game without knowing their way around a craft store’s inventory.

Not all heroes wear capes, some of them wear team hoodies and watch from the stands. Behind every great player is a loving, nurturing soccer parent—or parents. Soccer parents are never something that should be taken for granted. They make sacrifices and compromises to keep us moving forward in the game and community we all love. So, this holiday season, whether you’re with them or not, don’t forget to tell your soccer parents just how much they mean to you and how thankful you truly are.

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