Top 5 Goals: FA WSL and W-League

Between England and Australia, the theme of the week was goals galore. The W-League saw 16 goals over four matches, while there were 10 goals over two games in England. With so many to choose from, it was tough whittling the list down to just five. Without further ado, here are the best women’s soccer goals from the W-League and FA WSL this week.

  1. Chinatsu Kira – Melbourne City

Melbourne City has had a rough go this season as they sit second from the bottom. However, they earned their second win of the season thanks to this goal from Chinatsu Kira. At first glance, it looks like a regular tap-in finish on the back post. After looking closer, watch how Kira adjusted to the ball mid-air, jumped, and backheeled it into the net with her back to goal. Sheesh.

  1. Caitlin Doeglas – Perth Glory

Perth hasn’t had much to cheer about this season, but goals like this will be a much-needed morale boost. Doeglas reacted in a split second to catch both the defender and keeper off guard. Her first step, plus a little feint inside, allowed her to beat the defender and, in one motion, go for goal. The keeper might have been out of position, but, in her defense, this shot was completely unexpected. However, Caitlin Doeglas won’t complain. It’s a goal she’ll never forget.

  1. Katarina Jukic – Perth Glory

W-League goalkeepers cannot seem to get a handle on long-distance shots this season. For the third week in a row, a keeper got a hand to a long-range effort but couldn’t keep it out. Take nothing away from Katarina Jukic, who fluidly set herself up for the shot before striking home. There was more than enough power on the strike to prevent the keeper from parrying it away. A great and clean strike.

  1. Simone Magill – Everton

Everton had their way with Birmingham City – scoring four great goals. This was the fourth, and it was the best of the bunch. It’s the definition of creating something out of nothing. Most players would try to control this ball, but not Simone Magill. It’s tough to tell whether she takes a glance at the goal, but either way, she’s aware of where she is in relation to the goal. A snapshot off the bounce on a half-volley results in a peach of a strike to cap off a flawless performance.

  1. Michelle Heyman – Canberra United

Michelle Heyman’s dream of a comeback season continued with this goal. It’s a historic moment – this goal (her 71st) put her ahead of Sam Kerr on the W-League’s all-time scoring list. On top of that, this sequence is not something you see every day. Typically, when the keeper makes a one-on-one stop, the move is over. Yet, Heyman refused to give up on the play and ran back towards the ball with her back to goal. The net was empty for a second, but two defenders made it back to try to stop Heyman’s attempt. It wasn’t enough, as Heyman somehow put the perfect touch on this to clear everyone and find the back of the net. The more you watch, the more you wonder how in the world she scored this, but at this point, Michelle Heyman can do no wrong.



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