5 Socceristas Show Off their Ugly Sweater Game

It’s the season of the sweater. Not only is the weather growing colder, but many people are engaged in the seasonal tradition of the Ugly Holiday Sweater. Ugly sweaters are loud with bright, clashing colors that actually make great holiday gifts. Here are some of the top soccer player’s ugly sweaters from over the years:

1. The GOAT sweater

Arguing over which player is the greatest of all time is a fun pastime. You can compare players of today with past players and Socceristas from all over the world. But, when it comes to sweaters there can be only one GOAT.

Rapinoe Christmas Sweater

Via Instagram @notjustclothing

UK based brand Notjust Clothing made this holiday sweater for Megan Rapinoe. From the front, it bears bright personal hallmarks celebrating Rapinoe’s career: trophies, soccer balls, and the team logo. Once you see the message on the back of the sweater, “All I want for Xmas is equal pay,” all the dollar signs suddenly make sense.

2. The famous leg lamp

Christmas 2013 at Carli Lloyd’s was a high point for Socceristas in sweaters. Former USWNT members Heather O’Reilly and Rached Buehler sported not only ugly snowman sweaters but also classic Santa hats as well. If you are going to dress for the holidays, might as well go all-in. Carli wins a major award for her A Christmas Story-themed leg-lamp sweater.

3. The entire team

What’s better than posing with a friend in your ugliest holiday sweater? Posing with your entire team in! Last year, the Penn State women’s soccer team tweeted these photos of their ugly sweater party. 

4. Just styling

Only Christen Press could wear an ugly holiday sweater like it was a designer gown. She rocked this cardigan with multi-colored buttons, a teddy bear, a horse, a top, and more.

5. Not actually a holiday sweater

Sometimes a sweater doesn’t fit your mood. In those cases, you can go for a holiday onesie, like Alex Morgan did in 2013. Morgan’s holiday PJs prove you don’t have to have an ugly sweater to get in the spirit. The season is all about having fun and connecting with those you care about. It’s a time to relax and dream about goals past, present, and future.

Alex Morgan onesie

Image via Tireball


Featured image via Instagram @NotJustClothing


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