7 Things You NEED to Know about Christen Press

The incomparable Christen Press has quickly risen in popularity since stepping in to Megan Rapinoe’s shoes at the 2019 Women’s World Cup. Here are a few little known facts about this super star. 

Small Business, Big Impact

Along with Tobin Heath and Megan Rapinoe, Press is one of the founders of Re Inc, a lifestyle fashion company. Re Inc’s mission is to create clothes that defy conformity and gender. The company launched just last year in 2019 and has lots of plans to spread their message of inclusivity in the years to come. Check out their latest line out now!


A Global Inspiration  

Press is one of the global ambassadors for Grassroot Soccer, an organization that supports adolescents living healthier and more meaningful lives through soccer. Unlike other youth soccer organizations, Grassroots focuses on combating adolescent health concerns in developing countries. The USWNT midfielder has been on Grassroot Soccer’s board since 2018 and hopes to show young women that anything is possible. 

Animal Lover 

Soccer isn’t Press’s only passion, she’s also a huge supporter of our furry friends. An active supporter of PETA, she has appeared in several videos to promote animal rights. While she cares for all animals, her heart truly belongs to her two dogs. A pair of pups who love cuddles and adventure, Morena and Khaleesi are better known on Instagram as @zenpup— a must follow account! 


All in the family 

Press’s athletic prowess is no doubt the result of hard work on and off the field, but it’s also in her blood. Stacy and Cody Press, Christen’s parents, we both athletes in their own rights. At Dartmouth, Cody played football and Stacy was a tennis player. During high school Christen also lettered in track and tennis. All while setting school records on the soccer field and being twice awarded Southern Section Division IV Offensive Player of the Year and four times Prep League Offensive MVP. 

Zen Queen

Christen Press is a titan of power and finesse on the pitch, but off the pitch she’s much more zen. Yoga and meditation are huge parts of Press’s lifestyle. A 20 minute meditation before games is part of her warm up. She is committed to her meditation practice and even appeared on the cover of Yoga magazine in 2015. 


Stanford Star

A proud alumna of Stanford, Press was a burning up the field long before the world laid eyes on her. During her time at the esteemed university, Press cultivated a legacy for herself as the all-time shot attempts, assists, points, and goals. She was also a member of the PAC-12 Championship team in 2009 and 2010 and competed in three consecutive Women’s College Cups. 

Brains and Brawn 

While setting records at Stanford, Press also put her mind to the test. Double majoring in Communications and Psychology, Press now says that if she weren’t a soccer super star she’d probably be in the medical field as a therapist or psychologist. Her book stacks on Instagram are always piled with mindful reads and she is almost fluent in Spanish. 

In this house, we stan Christen Press—and the rest of the USWNT. 


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