National Siblings Day: Our Favorite Soccer Siblings

Today is the perfect day to go hug your brother(s) or sister(s) to let them know how much you love and appreciate them. Today, April 10th, is National Siblings Day. It’s an unofficial holiday to honor the love people share with their siblings. 

Some of us have a siblings that we can’t stand but yet we can’t picture life without them. They know how to get on our nerves in 0.02 seconds and smile in that same amount of time. Our siblings are the ones who are their through thick and thin. Having a sibling is a different type of bond that we experience in our lives and can’t explain. 

So, in the spirit of National Siblings Day, we wanted to take a look at all the amazing soccer siblings out there. 

Mallory Pugh


Both Mallory and her sister Brianna Peterson started playing soccer quite young. Brianna is six years older than Mallory, so it was natural that Mal looked up to Bri and took on the sport. Brianna was a soccer star throughout her career; playing for Mountain Vista High School, her Real Colorado club, the Colorado Olympic Development Program, and at the University of Oregon.

Julie Ertz

Julie Ertz wasn’t the only soccer child in her family growing up. Her older sister Melanie Johnston also had a  love for the game. Both sisters played for Sereno Soccer Club in Phoenix. 

Rose Lavelle

The midfielder, Rose Lavelle was raised alongside her brother John and sisters Mary and Nora. Rose seems to be very close to her sisters. When she isn’t posting pictures of her USWNT sisters, you can see pictures of her and her biological sisters on her Instagram account. 

Lindsey Horan

Lindsey Horan has one brother, Mike Horan. Lindsey knew she wanted to pursue a career in soccer at an early age. So, growing up and practicing the game, she would practice against her older brother and his friends on their yard. 

Ali Krieger

Ali’s older brother is none other than the social media personality and hairstylist Kyle Krieger. The two are more than siblings to each other, they are best friends. No matter what the two have been through or was going through, Ali would always reach out to him and put him first. During Ali and Ashlyn Harris’ wedding, Kyle served as the best man. 

Go take the time and tell your sibling(s) that you appreciate them. After all, they are the some of the only people who have known us the longest. Happy National Siblings day!



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