7 Things About the USWNT’s Lindsey Horan

Let’s get to know a thing or two about Lindsey Horan, midfielder extraordinaire for the Portland Thorns and the United States Women’s National Team.

Golden Girl

Originally from the former gold rush mining town of Golden, Colorado Horan has a lot of small-town pride. So much so that she even donated her 2017 USWNT kit and cleats to the Golden History Museum. The Museum itself is a fairly small open floor plan building that displays some of the town’s claims to fame; like being the birthplace of Malted Milk, Jolly Ranchers, and Lindsey Horan.

In This House, We Stan Horan

Not only is she on display in her hometown’s history museum, Linda Horan, the soccer star’s mother, has her own display in their house. The Portland Thorns player’s old bedroom is nothing short of a shrine to her professional accomplishments. Trophies and team pictures fill the shelves, and her childhood bed is covered with a quilt made entirely of soccer T-shirts and jerseys from teams past.

Chipotle is Life

Plenty of athletes partner with big brands on social media, but Lindsay and Chipotle have a special relationship. She not only chows down on a post-workout bowl and celebrated Youth Soccer Month, but the fast-casual Mexican restaurant actually made her usual order available as a special promotion last June.

Dog Person


Horan has a long history of loving dogs, having posted snuggle pics on her Instagram with Mal Pugh and Christine Sinclair’s pups. But she has very recently just added a new pup to her little family. Ferguson is a white French bulldog whose interests so far seem to include biting mom’s fingers, snuggling in the sun, and dancing to Fergie.

Pre-teen Dream

Horan has been playing nearly all her life, which is no surprise when you watch her on the field. She started her competitive soccer journey on an elite Colorado team, Colorado Rush, as part of the U-11 program. Four years later she became one of the youngest players ever on the U-17 United States Women’s National Team.

Big League Dreams

Lindsey actually never played soccer for her school, in high school or college — in fact, she didn’t go to college. Upon graduating from high school Horan was offered a scholarship to the gold standard for collegiate soccer, North Carolina, but she turned it down. Rather than go the college route, she packed her bags and headed to play pro ball with Paris Saint-Germain FC. What’s more, Horan was the first female soccer player to head straight to the big time from high school.

Elle ne parle pas français


When Horan started at PSG she didn’t speak a word of French. She decided to play abroad to test herself and get really far out of her comfort zone. Eventually, she did pick up the language from her teammates and from being brave enough to try. Putting herself out there, way out there, is what Horan says helped make her a more outgoing and adventurous person.

We hope that you’ve found a few new things to love and admire about this young midfielder, we’re looking forward to a career filled with fun facts!

Image taken via @lindseyhoran10 on Instagram.


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