Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Soccer Dad

Father’s Day can be a pretty tricky holiday to shop for, even for soccer dads. We’ve come up with a few ideas for Socceristas to give their loudest cheerleaders. 

Soccer dad T-shirt 

Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Soccer Dad

I believe it’s written somewhere in the dad handbook that every father loves a graphic T-shirt, and this is the perfect look. This vintage-esque shirt boasts some wise words: “soccer dad, like a regular dad but cooler.”

Let your soccer dad wear his status as a “cool dad” proudly. 

A pop goal 

A pop goal for your Pop will make playing a game of soccer possible just about anywhere. These little goals can be found at all kind of sporting goods stores for reasonable prices. Plus, when you’re giving a pop goal you’re really giving the gift of quality time and bonding over your favorite sport. 

Soccer dad socks 

Every soccerista knows the importance of good socks, so why not get your dad a pair? These customized socks let the rest of the family know when the game is on and dad is not to be bothered. Pick his favorite team, or maybe his top three, so he’s game day ready every time.

A mug

Soccer happens at all hours of the day, and waits for no one. Sometimes that means the whole family dragging themselves out of bed at 4AM to get to the pitch by 6AM for a game at 9AM. As most people over the age of 22 will tell you, functioning in the morning without caffeine of some sort is nearly impossible. So show dad you appreciate the extra hustle by gifting an appropriately themed mug, whether it’s for coffee on the go or a quick cup at home before loading up the car. We think this particular mug is a real 2020 mood (and customizable!).  

Books about soccer 

For all of our Socceristas with bookworms for fathers, you could make an entire library out of books about soccer. Here are some top picks: Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby, How Soccer Explains the World by Franklin Foer, and When Nobody was Watching by Carli Lloyd. Pick up a few page turners and support your local bookstore while you’re at it! 

Playbook Products 

Playbook creates sports memorabilia with a twist. They use play diagrams from famous games throughout sports history to adorn mugs and slate coasters. Pieces from Playbook feature plays from games like Manchester United vs. Arsenal and Manchester United vs. Crystal Palace.

Soccer blanket 

Since soccer is an all season, sport giving a blanket is still totally great gift for the soccer dad, ya know even though we’re in the dead of summer. They’ll be thanking you come late fall. There are tons of easy ways to make a blanket yourself, personally I recommend trying a fleece tie blanket. If crafting isn’t your thing, there are plenty of fleeces online to keep warm while cheering you on from the stands.

Amazon Gift Cards.

Gift cards for Amazon shopping.

Penny soccer game 

With soccer schedules postponed—from peewee to Premier leagues—some socceristas and their dad’s haven’t seen a field in months. And this penny soccer game could be what saves the summer! A cute little table top game that will give soccer dad’s a way to channel their competitive energy off the field.

Soccer parents are some of the most valuable players out there, so this Father’s Day let your dad know how much the support means to you with a thoughtful gift. If you think you’ve got the perfect Father’s Day gift share it with us in the comments! 



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